Leabrook Wood - Australia

Imagine cloudless, sunny blue skies, magnificent towering gum trees that follow the course of the creek as it meanders from the nearby hills, the sound of the water bubbling and gurgling on wintry days and the constant twittering and cacophany of sound of the native birds along with the raucous laughter of the kookaburras.

These idyllic surroundings create an ambience that is conducive to the creation of teddy bears by artist Leonie Mahar and has been the inspiration for over 25 years for the production of teddy bears proudly bearing the Leabrook Wood label.

This ambience has also lead to the formation of The Australian Teddy Bear Company and these are sold under their own label.

The bears from Leabrook Wood and The Australian Teddy Bear Company are individually hand crafted from the finest quality materials and conform to the highest quality standards. These are limited edition Artist Bears and are not intended for small children.

It is hoped that each bear will be a lifelong friend and confidante to the human entrusted to his or her care.

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